The Results of Clogged Rain Gutters

If you ask 10 different gutter service companies about the effects of clogged gutters, they will all use words like, damage, problems, big headaches, expenses, etc. So, it’s fair to assume that the results of clogged rain gutters are bad – to say the least.

Why gutters clog? Because the elements travel. And when it’s windy, the elements multiply and travel much faster. During storms and windy days, you don’t worry about some tree leaves landing on your rain gutters but about a group of debris and items finding their way into your gutters. You see, most gutters are open and even if there are screens, some elements can go through.

Without regular gutter cleaning, problems pile up as much as debris and you’ll spending much on repairs. To appreciate the value of keeping the home gutters clean, perhaps you need to know what happens when you don’t clean them. Which are the main effects of clogged rain gutters?

gutters_cleaning1.       Water stops flowing

That’s the obvious problem when the gutters are clogged. The water cannot flow. The gutters end up being filled with water and debris, and this combo results to new problems.

•   The water may overflow and damage the building. The basement may flood. The façade may be ruined. There might be leaks inside your living room or bedroom.

•   Water overflow might also cause damage to your landscape – shrubs, flower beds, grass, etc.

•   The downspout may clog too. When there’s overaccumulation of debris on the gutters, some leaves may end up in the downspout clogging this structural element as well.

•   When the water finds its way into your home, there’ll most likely be mold too. And that’s a critical problem for your health, and also the health of your building. Mold destroys. Since it will probably start from the attic – a part of the house not frequently visited, it will grow and spread before you know it.

•   The extra weight from all the elements and the water will wreak havoc on your gutters. If these are not seamless gutters, the joints might come apart. In any case, the gutters may start sagging too, bringing more headaches to you due to the safety hazard. Damage is easy to happen, especially if the gutter installation is not done correctly or the gutters are already old and pretty much ruined.

2.       Plant growing

When leaves and other elements are found for quite some time in the gutters along with water, they may become small plants when the sun comes out. This will make the problem even worse in the next rainfall. It will also add some extra weight on the gutters as well.

3.       Mold builds-up

Mold is easy to build-up in an environment where dirt, debris, organic matter (leaves), and water dominate. Mold means trouble. There’s no doubt that mold growth in the outdoor environment has no health repercussions. But mold causes damage when it infests surfaces, like gutters.

4.       Pests nest

When your roof’s drainage system is clogged, pests have a party. Anything from insects to mice find the perfect place to build their nests. This means extra dirt, health concerns, and additional weight to your gutters. And don’t forget that not all pests are as innocent as birds finding shelter in the gutters. Sometimes, snakes find shelter in the gutters too and that’s usually bad news.

Is the absence of gutter cleaning worth such trouble? The results of clogged rain gutters are terrible. They cause home leaks, might cause damage do the foundation, garden, and roof, and may also lead to the early gutter replacement. Perhaps it’s time to clean the gutters.