How Flat Roof Gutter Systems Prevent Water Damage

Finding the right gutter system for a flat roof is not necessarily easy. You need to know what kind of design works best for your property and determine how much effort you want to put into installation. While flat roofs are trendy, an incorrectly installed drainage system can bring many problems to your flat roof. Damage to the foundation and potential leaks are just two potential issues that can arise from a poorly installed flat roof drainage system. With the right and properly installed system, you can take advantage of the biggest perk of flat roof gutter systems: water damage prevention.

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How Flat Roof Gutter Systems Prevent Water Damage

Now that you know about an advantage of this particular gutter system, you’re probably wondering how exactly flat roof gutter systems prevent water damage. In short, flat roof gutter systems prevent water damage by catching rain and other water as it rolls off the edge of the roof. The water flow itself is directed away from the roof and is channeled through scuppers and box scuppers. As for how to ensure that flat roof gutter systems prevent water damage on a consistent basis, check out the following tips:

1. Clean The Gutters At Least Twice A Year

The most surefire way to make sure your flat roof gutter system is preventing water damage is to clean those gutters at least twice a year. Your flat roof gutters won’t be able to prevent water damage if they are clogged by debris such as twigs and leaves. That’s why it’s important to thoroughly clean your gutters twice a year. If the debris buildup is excessive at any time, especially after a severe storm, clean out those gutters right away.

2. Design The Gutters To Account For Roof Size And Average Rainfall

Flat roof gutter systems prevent water damage if they are designed to account for environmental factors. Those factors in question are roof size and the average rainfall experienced in the area. Being familiar with the local climate will allow you to tailor the design of your gutters to accommodate those conditions.

3. Ensure The Gutters Are Properly Secured To The Roof

If your gutters aren’t properly secured to the roof, they won’t be able to reduce water damage successfully. For this reason, it’s important to ensure that the hardware is nice and tight and to take time to adjust it when needed. Additional features like gutter straps will also make a difference if you live somewhere that gets high wind levels.

4. Inspect The Gutters For Cracks And Damage

Inspecting your gutters for signs of severe cracks and damages will allow you to stay on top of addressing problems before they can become worse. For example, if you see cracks in your gutters, call a professional to fix them right away. Leaving the cracks alone will result in leaks, and debris buildup will worsen those damages over time.

5. Check The Gutters After A Storm

Finally, you can ensure flat roof gutter systems prevent water damage by checking your gutters after a storm as soon as possible. You can immediately remove debris from the gutters and check for damages so that you can restore them to working condition promptly.

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