The Benefits of Cleaning Rain Gutters

Who likes to spend the weekend cleaning the rain gutters? No one. But it’s a must-do job nonetheless. In fact, it’d better if gutter cleaning was done twice a year – once before the winter comes and once more, when spring arrives. Why? Well, the main concern here is to keep the gutters clean and free of large and small debris that may clog the system and create water overflow. So you need to be sure that the winter and thus when the rain and snow comes, your gutters will be clean. And then, you need to remove the debris landed in the gutters during the winter too. It’s a headache even to think about it. Nevertheless, the benefits of cleaning the rain gutters are worth your time or the expense – if you hire a pro.

Water damage prevention

Overflows caused when the residential gutters are clogged with debris often result in indoor water damage. If the rainwater cannot find a way to escape, it will most likely take a toll on your roof and if the shingles are a little bit curled, it will find its way in. Even if the roof is in good condition, clogged gutters will make water land on the building’s fascia compromising slowly but steadily the stability of the structure.

The structure remains intact

When the water falls on the siding, fascia and soffit of the building, these parts will be affected. Moisture will buildup and the worst part is that the foundations of the structure can be compromised. By having the gutters cleaned well and regularly, there will be no rotting either.

No basement flooding

The excess water will end up somewhere and the basement is one of the first candidates. Flooded basements are common problems and often occur when the gutters are clogged and water spills find their way in.

Roof’s lifespan is prolonged

Cleaning gutter services keep the roof intact too. Not only will water find its way under curled shingles if the gutters are clogged but ice might lift the shingles and thus cause roof damage if it remains on the roof for an extensive period of time.

Gutters span is expanded

The extra weight of debris and ice will not only cause roof damage but also gutter damage. The day for gutter replacement will come sooner while in the meantime, you’ll suffer the negative effects of clogged gutters.

Landscape is not affected

When there is no control over the rainwater runoff, it will end up on bushes that will be over watered even during the winter months when it isn’t necessary to water them often. Needless to say that the over-accumulation of leaves, twigs, and debris won’t be a good sight and will compromise the nice looks of your home.

Gutter damage is detected

If you have a gutter service contractor cleaning the gutters regularly, they will not only keep them free of debris but also notice if there is any damage. Don’t forget that the gutters are up in the roof and so there is no way that you can see if some sections are cracked or broken, especially if you have a big roof. But if a pro goes up there to clean them and notices any damage, you will know where you stand and plan the required gutter repair before matters get out of hand.

Enhanced safety

Tree twigs, leaves, and debris are not the only objects finding their way in your gutters. There might also be pests. In fact, the dirtier the gutters the more likely they will be pests. The organic matter created when leaves, dirt and water are combined create the perfect shelter for all kinds of pests and mold. That’s unhealthy. Plus, the extra weight put on the gutters and possible damage due to lack of services might bring these structures down and thus cause accidents.

It’s best to trust the gutter cleaning to a pro

The cleaner the gutters the better. Since they cannot remain clean for a long time, they need regular cleaning to avoid serious home damage or even accidents. Now, if you can’t stand the idea of cleaning the gutters often, install rain gutter guards to keep cleaning to the minimum. Still, your gutters will need cleaning from time to time. After all, by having a contractor to clean them periodically, you’ll know if there is need for some gutter caulking or other repairs and thus avoid more problems awaiting for you around the corner.