Gutter Maintenance Is Key to Your Peace of Mind

Finding a gutter service company for maintenance is not on most people’s annual to-do list. No wonder a large number of people face many problems with their gutters. Or face problems that stem from the residential gutters. The benefits of regular gutter maintenance are plenty and here we are going to break them down, and also explain the possible risks when such crucial tasks are neglected.


The role of rain gutters is too important to neglect maintenance

Rain gutters have the critical role of channeling water to the downspout and thus to the ground and away from the house. They are an important element of your roof and matter a lot to the structural integrity of your house. Any problem with the rain gutters will affect your home in a negative way – foundation damage, façade damage, leaks, etc.

Naturally, your goal is to avoid such problems. And that’s where the advantage of regular rain gutter services comes to make all the difference.

What rain gutter maintenance should involve

• Gutter cleaning is the first thing on your do-to list. It’s vital to remove debris, leaves, and all elements that are found in the gutters to enable water flow. If the gutters are clogged, they must be unclogged. If they are not clogged yet, they must be cleaned well for the avoidance of gutter clogging in the near future.

• Rain gutter inspection is the next thing you should do. Now that the gutters are clean, you need to check their overall condition to see if there’s any damage. Pay attention to the joints. See if there’s rust, cracks, or holes. If there’s any damage at all, you will need gutter repair. Make sure any problem with the gutters is fixed quickly. This is not a task that can be postponed for a later date.

How often should you maintain rain gutters?

This decision depends on a number of factors:

• Whether or not you have rain gutter guards installed, for starters. If there are guards, the gutters might not get dirty often and so they won’t need cleaning frequently.

• Does it rain a lot in your area? The weather conditions will affect the frequency of gutter maintenance as well. The windier it gets, the more often you need to check the gutters.

• Are your gutters new or old? If the gutters are relatively new and there hasn’t been a heavy rainfall lately, you can wait a bit longer before you climb on your roof.

• Do you have seamless gutters? What are the gutters made of? Although there’s no such thing as maintenance-free gutters, some materials are more resistant than others (vinyl, copper, etc.) and so they don’t become easily damaged. But most problems with gutters happen when they are clogged & damaged. And so, the best way to refrain from the annoying task of maintaining gutters regularly is to get seamless ones with guards.

Which are the effects of poor or no gutter maintenance?

When gutters are not cleaned and inspected, the rainwater may overflow and thus threaten to cause home leaks and damage. When water stands still, it adds weight to the gutters and may cause significant damage. It will also turn into ice dams, if the temps are low. The combo of stagnant water, debris, and elements is bad since it will attract insects and form the basis for mold build-up.

Is rain gutter cleaning & service a DIY task or not?

Better trust this task to a professional gutter service contractor. Just climbing to the roof is risky. And then again, gutters travel all around the house, while some roofs are really big and complex. This is not an easy job, and may be exhausting. What’s more, it’s best to leave this job to a pro that will be able to do all the necessary gutter repairs on the spot. And it’s not only about doing the gutter caulking correctly, but having the expertise to identify problems and clean gutters well too.