Copper vs Aluminum Gutters: The Pros and Cons

Both aluminum and copper gutters serve the same function. They serve as the vessel which allows rainwater to travel away from the roof and even further away from the home. Will the material make a difference to this function? Not really. Still, these are two different materials and so we are talking about a different reaction to the elements, different strength, and different prices. So, if you are planning gutter installation any time soon and you are bouncing between these two materials, check out their pros and cons.


Aluminum Gutters

If you like a reliable gutter replacement without paying much, aluminum is the material to choose. The combination of its low price and good resistance to rust makes it one of the most popular material for residential gutters. Its lightweight make it easy to install and so the gutter service company won’t charge you much. You can find aluminum gutters in several thicknesses and surely the thicker ones are more durable. As an overall, they are strong and long-lasting but they can be dented while limited water in areas with little rainfall might lead to galvanic corrosion. The pros and cons in a quick view? Here you go.

Aluminum Gutter Pros

• Lightweight

• Inexpensive

• Easy to install

• Rust resistant

• Many color options

Aluminum Gutter Cons

• Prone to damage

• Warms up easily

Copper Gutters

What makes copper gutters stand out is their unique appearance, which turns into a greenish patina look over the years. If you like this appearance, this becomes an advantage. If not, you need to maintain it to keep its shiny, special look. But with proper and regular copper gutter service, the material will last for a very long time. That’s because copper is extremely durable and this compensates for its high price – often, two or three times more expensive than its aluminum counterpart. The material’s resilience enhances its longevity. Unlike aluminum, which can be dented if hit with something heavy, copper is not prone to damage. Although aluminum is known for its rust-resistance, the material will lose this property if the galvanized surface is damaged whereas copper is by nature rust-resistant. The pros and cons in a quick view? Here you go.

Copper Gutter Pros

• Long-lasting

• Unique looks

• Very durable

Copper Gutter Cons

• Expensive

• Need maintenance if you don’t like the patina look

• Requires an expert gutter service contractor

Copper vs Aluminum Rain Gutters: Which One to Choose

The comparison of aluminum and copper rain gutters shows that the latter is worth the expense due to its durability and longevity. On the other hand, it depends on your wallet and how long you are planning to stay in this home. Another point to consider is the aesthetics. There are people who are ready to pay the extra buck to install copper gutters due to their looks while others don’t care or don’t like this appearance. There are surely more gutter materials to consider when it comes to their installation. But if you are comparing copper and aluminum, remember that apart from the aesthetics, you basically get what you pay for. And so it depends on how much you want to spend and how long you will like to keep the gutters always in relation to your home’s style and your location’s climate.