Your Guide to Gutter Splash Guards

If you are a homeowner, you know that possessing your own residence means an almost endless list of responsibilities. Being an adult is hard enough. You have to go to work, cook meals, wash clothes, clean your space, care for children and pets, and much more. But being an adult who owns a home means that your other responsibilities are only the beginning. Now you are also in charge of an almost endless list of maintenance and repair tasks. You have to remember to change your air filters, mow your lawn, trim your bushes, weed your flower beds, and clean out your gutters. Caring for your gutters is especially important. When you don’t maintain this part of your home, you may experience floods in your basement and around your yard. 

One of the ways you can help avoid floods is by purchasing gutter splash guards for your home. But what are gutter splash guards? Why exactly do you need them? Are they necessary? We’ll answer all of your questions in our informational blog about gutter splash guards! 

What Are Gutter Splash Guards? 

Gutter splash guards are crafted from vinyl, a type of synthetic plastic. They come in curved and straight strips that fit into your gutters. Their job is to prevent water from splashing down into your yard and flooding your home. 

Why Do You Need Gutter Splash Guards? 

If your gutter system functions properly with no complications, there is no need for you to use gutter splash guards. These little pieces of vinyl are designed to prevent splashing when there is excess water in your gutter system. But if your gutter system is not working the way it should, it may need a little extra help. 

Gutters that need to have gutter splash guards installed

Signs You Need Gutter Splash Guards 

But how do you know if your gutter system is doing its job? That’s an excellent question. Here are four signs that you need gutter splash guards: 

1. Your Gutters Are Damaged

If your gutters can’t handle the amount of water pouring into them, they will start to show signs of wear and tear. Parts of your gutter may start separating from the side of the house. Or you may notice mold, mildew, and other fungus growing in your system. This would not happen unless there was something wrong. 

2. Your Siding and Foundation Are Showing Signs of Damage

Your gutters help direct water away from other parts of your home, ensuring they do not get waterlogged. But when your gutters aren’t working, you may start to notice signs of damage to your siding and foundation. While there are other explanations behind siding and foundation damage, it is worth taking a look at your gutter system to see if it’s the culprit. 

3.  Your Roof Is Leaking

Sometimes, water may start to pool in your gutters. When this happens, standing water starts to affect parts of your roof. Over time, your roof will start to leak. If the leaks are happening around your gutters, then you may need gutter splash guards. 

4. You Notice Excess Water Splashing Over Your Gutters

If it is raining and you happen to be outside, you might get to see your gutters in action. Take a look and see if they look like they are draining correctly. You shouldn’t see water gushing over the sides of your gutters. If you do, you guessed it: You need gutter splash guards. 

We Can Install Gutter Splash Guards For You! 

Have you decided that you need gutter splash guards? Or perhaps you need a complete gutter replacement or repair. The last thing you want to deal with is water damage to your home. By installing gutter splash guards, you can ensure that your system functions properly without causing harm to your residence. Contact the team at Houston Gutter Solutions today for assistance!