Top Considerations before Gutter Installation

Choosing the right rain gutters for your building is hard enough, let alone ensuring their proper installation. There is plenty to take into account before and during the gutter installation and nothing is easy. What seems a simple decision or task from afar becomes a struggle when you are involved. All the same, the gutters must be installed correctly and meet your needs at all levels. The main considerations before gutter installation can be separated into three categories.

1. Finding the right residential gutters

2. Tracking down the best gutter service company

3. Checking out the DIY-gutter installation risks


Getting the right rain gutter types is essential

The gutter types range from the popular K-style to half-round ones while they are made of various materials among which aluminum is one of the most popular ones. One main distinction between gutters is their construction. Opt for sectional gutters if you want to pay less and for seamless gutters if you don’t mind the higher price and you want to focus on long-lasting and durable products. The material and shape will also affect the longevity and resistance of the gutters. And that’s why finding the right gutters is one of the first considerations.

DIY vs professional gutter installation

Trusting the installation to a gutter service contractor is always a better choice than DIY work. Some argue that a pro is needed only if you get copper, zinc, and seamless gutters. But don’t forget that such tasks are done on the roof and require expertise to avoid leaks tomorrow. On the other hand, can you trust just any contractor? To be sure of the excellent gutter replacement and installation, you need to question the professionalism of companies & contractors. Don’t take anyone or anything for granted before you ask questions and check out their experience. The contractor must be able to cut the required pieces and assemble the gutter system correctly so that there won’t be a problem with the rainwater flow tomorrow. Choose an insured and experienced company that can provide evidence of their expertise.

Main considerations of DIY gutter installation

Now, when it comes to DIY gutter installation projects, the considerations multiply. You see, if you find a professional company, you will have nothing to worry about. Neither for the gutter types or the installation. In case you decide to install the gutters alone, consider the following:

• The gutter system must be built right from the start. If you choose sectional gutters, make sure they are cut and adhered correctly.

• Pay attention to the pitch. The gutters must be installed at an angle that will allow rain water to flow into the downspout. The rain gutters must have a quarter inch slope towards the downspout for every ten feet.

• The hangers are used to mount gutters and thus keep them in place. The space between the gutter hangers is important. Too much space and the gutters will eventually sag. It’s best to place them every two or three feet. The heavier the snowfall (and thus the pressure onto the gutters) the less the distance between the hangers.

• If you can help it, avoid the multiple seams – even if you choose sectional gutters. They will only make your life harder and the gutter cleaning more difficult while they will increase the possibility of clogging and damage.

• Don’t forget about the importance of installing the downspouts correctly too. First of all, you need several of them to minimize the possibility of water pooling or not flowing with ease. And then, you need to make sure they are placed in a way that water won’t end up falling on the foundations of the building to avoid saturation.

The considerations are many because rain gutters are very important roof elements. Keep them to the minimum by thinking through your choices and perhaps finding a trusted company.