How To Prevent Gutters From Freezing

Gutters are essential to the protection of every home. They direct water away from your home, protecting it from mold, mildew, and water damage. However, when the winter time rolls around, changes in weather can quickly alter how our gutters function.

You may experience frozen gutters if they become clogged, preventing natural water flow. This, in combination with the cold weather, will result in your gutters freezing. This will also be the result if snow builds up in your gutters. To ensure your gutters stay intact, here are some tips on how to prevent gutters from freezing.

Seamless Gutters. How To Prevent Gutters From Freezing

Ways To Prevent Your Gutters From Freezing

Frozen gutters can be a hassle, causing ice dams that result in water damage to your home. However, you can take action beforehand to ensure your home is never harmed. Here is how you can step up to the plate:

Keep Gutters Clean

The first thing you need to do is clean out your gutters. When you keep your gutters as clean as possible, you won’t need to deal with the build-up of leaves, dirt, and grime. This will result in a continuous flow of water and no clogged gutters. This process is necessary, not only to keep gutters clean but to protect your home from mold and mildew.


Furthermore, if your home is ever hit with snow, removing the snow from your gutters will also prevent them from freezing. As long as your gutters are clean, you will never need to worry about your gutters freezing over.

Install Heated Gutter Cables

You can never go wrong with installing heated gutter cables. These are installed on the edge of your roofline and through the gutters, melting away any snow and making ice dams the least of your worries. Heated gutter cables are the most convenient way to remove snow, so no more shoveling snow off the roof.

Install Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are a great addition to heated gutter cables. Instead of going out of your way to remove any debris from your gutters, a gutter guard will prevent any debris from going into your gutters in the first place. No clogged gutters mean no frozen gutters, so your gutters will be prepared for the wintertime.

Ensure Your Gutters Are Sloped

Sloped gutters are essential for the flow of water to your downspouts. No one should worry about flat gutters. Otherwise, the water will compile and just sit there. When you lack drainage and movement, your gutters will freeze overnight. Make sure everything checks out, and reach out to professionals to ensure your gutters are properly sloped.

What To Do When Your Gutters Are Frozen

If we are too late to prevent your gutters from freezing, all hope isn’t lost. By using hot water, your gutters will soon be back in action. This activity is dangerous since it requires multiple trips up and down a ladder with heavy buckets of hot water. Work carefully and be sure that all the water you pour into the gutters drains. If it doesn’t, you will be back in a similar situation.

How To Prevent Gutters From Freezing

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