How To Fix Gutter Slope

Residential gutters play a crucial role in redirecting water away from your home to prevent all sorts of water damage. However, issues with gutters can get in the way of keeping your home protected from water damage. One part of your gutters that might be experiencing these problems is the gutter slope. Luckily, you can learn how to fix gutter slope and restore your gutter system to prime working condition. 

What Is A Gutter Slope? 

In order to know how to fix gutter slope, you need to know what a gutter slope is. The gutter slope is another term for the gutter pitch, which is the angle at which a gutter is tilted to allow water to flow out the gutters. Without a proper gutter slope, water will just sit in the gutter, making it heavy and causing excessive water to pour over when it rains. It can also lead to mold or mildew growth around your gutters and roof. 

Causes Of An Improper Gutter Slope 

Now that you know what a gutter slope does, it’s time to dive into what might cause an improper gutter slope in the first place. The most common cause of an improper gutter slope is poor installation. Specifically, the gutter slope is at an incorrect angle. Another cause could be the weight of leaves and debris left accumulating on the gutters, causing them to get heavy and shift out of place. Finally, if the fascia, or board installed at the edges of the roof, is in poor shape, it might be changing the position of the gutter slope, in which case, you’ll need the fascia replaced. 

How To Fix Gutter Slope In 4 Steps

Having learned the causes of an improper gutter slope, you are ready to learn how to fix gutter slope. The process of how to fix gutter slope involves the following four steps: 

how to fix gutter slope

1. Keep Up With The Weather Forecast 

You can’t expect to successfully fix gutter slope on a rainy day or when winds are harsh. For that reason, pay attention to the weather forecast and use that information to determine when you will complete this essential repair. When the weather is pleasant, and you have spare time, seize the opportunity to fix gutter slope. 

2. Gather The Proper Supplies

Ensure that you have the proper supplies available to you when learning how to fix gutter slope. The supplies you’ll need for this job are a piece of chalk, a ladder, a screwdriver, a measuring tape, and a level. Once you have all these supplies, you’ll be ready to proceed with how to fix gutter slope. 

3. Take The Necessary Measurements

Once you’re up the ladder, use the measuring tape to measure the length of the gutter that needs adjusting. The angle should be half an inch for every ten feet of gutters to calculate the proper gutter slope. In other words, a gutter of thirty feet will need its downspout set to one and a half inches lower than the other end. 

This would be calculated by multiplying three (for every ten feet of a thirty-foot gutter) by half an inch or 0.5. For another example, if your gutters are forty feet long, the downspout end needs to be two inches lower. When you have obtained the proper calculations, use chalk to mark those spots for installation and adjustment. 

4. Readjust The Slope And Rehang The Gutter

As far as how to fix gutter slope itself, you’ll need to start by loosening the gutter bracket screws. After that, you’ll detach the gutter from the building so you can adjust it to the desired angle. Ensure the downspout is also adjusted to the necessary slope. After lining up the gutter and downspout according to where you drew the chalk mark measurements, rehang the gutter and downspout using a screwdriver. 

Houston Gutters Can Fix Your Gutter Slope!

While it’s important to know how to fix gutter slope to develop an understanding of the process, this task is best left in professional hands. With a professional, there’s a higher guarantee that your gutter slope will be fixed successfully, preventing any further problems with your gutters in the future. Contact us today at Houston Gutters to keep your gutters in shape!