How to Avoid Early Gutter Damage

Rain gutters may not last for a lifetime, but can actually last for a pretty long time. And that’s exactly how you want things to be. Gutters are substantial parts of your roof. As you know, it’s thanks to the gutters and the downspouts that the rainwater finds its way out and away from your home.

Naturally, the good performance of gutters is enormously important for the integrity of your home, the avoidance of leaks, your peace of mind. When gutters get damaged, the rainwater will either lick walls ruining the fascia and chipping the paint, or may find a way into your home. The heavy weight of the water and leaves found in the clogged gutters may lead to accidents or significant property damage, should the gutters collapse.

To make a rather long story short, avoiding gutter damage for as long as possible is a good thing for your safety, pocket, and peace of mind. And here we are going to show you how to avoid early gutter damage.

gutter servicesSigns of rain gutter damage

To recognize damage caused by the gutters, you need to remember the repercussions of gutter damage. As we already mentioned above, damaged gutters may ruin the outer part of the building and also, lead to internal problems – usually, in the form of leaks.

Stay alert. Visit the attic from time to time, don’t ignore discolorations you may see on the wall or ceiling, pay attention to musty odors, act quickly if some sections of the home are wet. What should you do? Find a gutter service contractor.

As for the exterior, it’s clear that examining the gutters is not easy. Most residential gutters are up high, truly difficult to reach without putting your safety at risk. But what you can do is observe from below. Do you notice any rusty gutter sections? See some sections sagging, even a bit? Are you under the impression that water has pooled in the gutters? If you notice anything at all with the gutters that screams trouble, don’t wait. Call for gutter services right away.

Then again, the sign of gutter damage may be on the ground. Do you see dirt right under the gutters, dirt that is not supposed to be there? This might mean that the gutter sections may be separated or the gutters are damaged or the rainwater has found another escape route. All such issues pinpoint one thing: gutter damage. And thus, the need for immediate gutter repair.

Why some gutters get damaged earlier than others

•   Frequency of gutter cleaning

The frequency of gutter cleaning makes a difference in both their performance and longevity. Still water, the extra weight of the debris all cause damage, while clogged gutters will make water find another way to drip and this might be inside your house. So, whether or not gutters are cleaned regularly makes a difference in when and if they will become damaged.

•   Types of gutters

Not all gutters are the same. The durability, resistance, and longevity all depend on the material, if they are seamless or not, and the way the gutter installation is done.

•   Gutter maintenance

By having the rain gutters examined, unclogged, and fixed from time to time, you avoid problems and thus, early damage. And so, maintenance matters too.

•   Gutter repair

Some problems here and there are expected to happen. But if any repair, from gutter caulking to the replacement of some sections, is done quickly, further damage is avoided. That’s one more reason why some gutters last longer than others.

•   Home’s exposure

Don’t forget that some homes are exposed to high winds, lots of rainfall, storms – you name it. Others don’t. And everything about the house – orientation, dimension, age, plays a role in the condition of the gutters too.

Tips on avoiding premature gutter damage

It’s no wonder why the gutters at some properties do not suffer from early damage as opposed to others that last much less than they are supposed to. And so, the sure way to avoid premature gutter damage is to choose seamless gutters of good quality, for starters. Then you must be sure the rain gutter installation is done by the book, any problem is fixed right away, the gutters are inspected and cleaned often. If you stick to the basic rules of keeping gutters in good condition, you won’t face early damage and all the bad things that come with it.