6 Inch Gutters vs. 5 Inch

Since each guttering project is unique and must align with the special features and thus needs of each building, we provide 5” & 6” gutters. You can contact our company for the installation, repair, and cleaning of all gutters regardless of their size. But the question which pops here is this: why is gutter size important? And which size is best for you?

5” or 6” gutters?

Both 5” & 6” gutters are large and thus excellent for both residential and commercial properties. If you consider that gutters were 4” wide till not so long ago, you can appreciate the width of the current products. But then again, there is the question of which one is best for your building!

Although the cost of residential and commercial gutters depends on many factors, like the material and shape, 6” gutters are more expensive than 5” ones simply because they are bigger. Do you need wider gutters? It mainly depends on the roof’s material and pitch but also on the size of the downspout. The slicker and steeper the roof, the more you need 6” gutters. That’s because slick roofs make water run fast – a fact that is enhanced when the slope is steep. But it also depends on the width of the downspout. If it’s rather narrow, the wide size of the gutter will hold more water to give it time to drain down the spout.

Of course, K-style commercial and residential gutters are deep enough and so oftentimes, 5” gutters suffice. That’s especially true when the downspout is large and so water drains easy down and when the roof material and pitch don’t take too much water.

Call for 5” & 6” gutters installation and cleaning

We are at your service for both 5” & 6” gutter installation in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Irrespective of the size you choose, we dispatch gutter experts to ensure the proper installation of either pre-fab or custom products. In case you prefer customized gutters, let us assure you that they are cut at your property to match the needs of your building. So if you like custom 5” & 6” gutters, give us a call.

Whichever size you select or already have, choose us for gutter cleaning too. Although 6” gutters let debris travel down the spout, they still need cleaning occasionally especially if the downspout is not very large. Don’t let your gutters choke. It’s best to have them cleaned periodically. And it’s best to have well-equipped experts over for the job. Call Houston Gutters.

Choose us to have all your service needs promptly and professionally covered. Get in touch with us if you are interested in 5” & 6” gutters and need an expert to help you choose.