Facts about Rain Gutters

Who would ever be in the mood to read about rain gutters, just for fun? Only gutter contractors – not even them! But then again, it’s good to know a thing or two about these particularly important roofing components. And you will be surprised to see that although some pieces of information are truly useful, there are also some facts you likely don’t know. And do you know what? Some are odd and some are fun – some not so much! Should we take a look?

custom_made_gutters1.   Rain gutters have been around for a while

You will be surprised to know that gutters have been around for quite a while. Try, ages. While not in the form and shape we know them today, the principle of gutter function is an ancient technique that goes back to the Romans and the Greeks. Actually, these ancient civilizations had excellent draining systems.

2.   You wouldn’t know them if you saw them

How much do you know about gargoyles? These scary-looking grotesques that mainly served to distance evil, they were also used during the medieval times to drain water. If you notice, they all have a spout, while the word “gargoyles” originates from the French word for throat, gargouille.

3.   Gutter materials make a difference

These days, rain gutters are made of several materials – aluminum, copper, steel, plastic. But each material reacts different to water and all elements. So, it’s the first thing to consider when you are considering gutter installation.

4.   There’s no such thing as one gutter system

The material is not the only thing that distinguishes gutters. There are two types of gutters, the half-round and the K-style gutters. Since gutters go hand in hand with downspouts, it’s also good to know that there are various downspouts too. And there are not only sectional but also seamless gutters.

5.   Rain gutters and insects are best friends

Gutters are the roof’s drainage system. But when the water flow is obstructed due to gutter debris, there’s some standing water in the gutters. That along with the debris is the perfect habitat for all sorts of insects and pests. And while you most likely know that – hence, the importance of gutter cleaning, you may not know that some earthworms are often found in gutters. This is truly odd, but it is believed that the eggs of earthworms end up on roofs by birds.

6.   Gutter cleaning is good for the gutters, not you

Speaking of gutter cleaning, it’s the best thing one can do to avoid all sorts of problems created due to clogged gutters. But did you know that this task is not good for you? First of all, the organic matter created by the stagnant water and debris, along with the possible mold infestation and pests is an unhealthy environment for you to breathe, even outdoors. And then, people who have attempted to clean gutters alone, they also risked stepping on the roof or even on the gutters. But gutters, due to all the wet matter found in there, are slippery. And roof damage may happen if you don’t know how to step on the surface. It’s best to avoid risks and leave such jobs – any job, from gutter repair to cleaning, to those who know how to do it without repercussions.

7.   Gutters have caused accidents over the years

In addition to the above fact, there’s also the risk of climbing the ladder. The ground may be slippery. The ladder may not be stabilized. The height may be too much for you. Many people have been injured due to such reasons. That’s food for thought.

8.   Gutters scream for attention more than you think

All the same, gutters need care. In fact, they need care more than you imagine. Apart from removing debris, apart from making sure that the rainwater flows with no obstructions whatsoever, apart from fixing problems, it’s good to see that the gutters (the material, the joints, all sections) are in good shape. Sometimes, a tiny gap may create an overwhelming problem indoors – like a leak.

9.   There are more toys on gutters than leaves

One would thing that the gutters would host leaves, tree twigs, flying debris – all sorts of dirt, but not toys. But gutter cleaners have reported that the number of dolls, balls, tiny cars, crayons, and all sorts of children’s toys found in the gutters is amazing.

10.   Treat your gutters wrong and see them revenge

Ice dams, small problems with the joints, even tiny holes may create enormous problems, damaging external and internal walls. Everything about the gutters is important – the gutter installation, how often they are inspected, how they are fixed. Always look twice when it comes to the gutters.