Damaged Gutters and How They Lead to Small or Big Disasters

Rain gutters may become damaged. Gutters may also clog. Avoid gutter cleaning after a storm and you’ll see how easily water flow is blocked. Any problem with the gutters is serious simply because a bigger problem is just around the corner.

The questions every homeowner asks are these: how gutters become damaged in the first place? How fast clogged gutters can cause home damage? Is there a way to prevent gutter damage and thus, structural damage?

Let’s see.

gutters_cleaningThere are gutters and then, there are gutters

Although all residential gutters are durable, the material always plays a role in their longevity. It also signifies how easily the gutters may become damaged and so, if you should expect some problems sooner or later. To give you an idea of the overall performance of the most common gutter materials:

•   Copper gutters may be expensive but extremely durable.

•   Steel gutters are equally durable, but you should prefer stainless steel to avoid corrosion in the future.

•   Aluminum is resistant to the elements but doesn’t have the strength of steel or copper.

•   Vinyl is cheap and rust-resistant, but so lightweight that it may not last for long.

The hardness of the gutters’ material plays a role in how much they will last and how much strain they can take.

Another factor to consider is whether to get sectional or seamless rain gutters. It’s best to talk to a gutter installation company about such things because some materials are only found in sectional gutters. On the other hand, seamless gutters are much better. Why? Because they don’t have different sections fastened together.

The seamless gutters superiority

Some gutter damage happens when the joints break or get separated under the weight of water. Or under the weight of debris. That’s why seamless gutters are superior. They won’t be any seams where water may escape.

And so, the question now is this: what happens when water starts escaping through the seams? It’s simple. Home damage. The soffit, the roof, the fascia, the siding – everything will get wet. Water may enter your home. It may end up in the basement, flooding the floor. It will saturate the foundation of the building. Not a good scenario.

Other gutter problems that may lead to home damage

•   Holes in the gutter

•   Misaligned or short downspout

•   No flashing

•   Improper gutter size

•   Wrong slope

•   Bad gutter installation

What you need to know is that gutters are not one-size-fits-all. And it’s also very important that they are installed correctly, fastened properly, and have the correct pitch. If not, rainwater will not flow as it should. It may end up in places where it doesn’t suppose to go or it may stand still creating contamination & putting stain on the gutters. Still wondering why some gutters fall?

How big or small the disaster is, due to gutter damage?

There’s no small disaster – the word speaks in itself. But we could say that if a problem is detected and fixed before it gets out of hand, it won’t become a disaster. Even the best gutters need some inspection, especially after heavy storms. Even the most durable gutters will eventually need some repairs. And if you consider getting rain gutter guards, remember that they are not all the same.

And here’s another piece of advice. Even if you invest in gutter guards installation, you should still check the gutters, clean the gutters, fix their problems.

Most problems happen when the gutters are clogged – somehow, or damaged. And such problems can easily get out of hand and become disasters.

The biggest problem? Perhaps, the saturation of the foundation that may result in compromising the building’s integrity. But then again, wouldn’t a roof leak be a major disaster? How about mold infestation due to the water damage or the increased moisture indoors?

Who can raise the hand and say which of the above disasters is of less importance? No one. And the worse thing? They can really happen. Just like that, while all it takes for their prevention is gutter service. Isn’t it silly?