Benefits of Regular Gutter Cleaning

If you think about it, it’s easy to understand the importance of gutter cleaning. All you have to do is consider the purpose of gutter installation. They are there for a reason and that is to channel water away from your home. If it weren’t for the gutters, all this rainwater but also the water created when ice melts will end up on the home’s fascia, siding, windows, roof and landscape. Eventually, this means damage.


Why gutters need cleaning?

It takes one windy day to have the gutters filled with tree leaves, twigs, and debris. Now, imagine what hundreds of windy days can bring to your gutters and you’ll have a picture of how dirty they become. When gutters are filthy, they get clogged and so the water cannot be channeled out through the downspout but overflows. Yes, with gutter guards installation, thick twigs and elements will not find their way into the gutters. All the same, the gutters must be checked and cleaned regularly so a number of problems will be prevented.

Interior damage

With the residential gutters clogged, the water will escape in different ways and might find its way into your home. That’s not hard to happen if some shingles are damaged or missing & the windows are not properly caulked. If rainwater finds its way in for any reason, it will stain the ceilings and walls, increase moisture, might cause serious damage, and will become the reason for mold infestation – if not treated quickly.

Foundation problems

One of the potential consequences of overflowing gutters is structural problems. Water travels quickly and might take its toll on the foundations of the building compromising its stability.

Basement flooding

The overflowing water might end up in the basement. After all, it is found at the lower level of the house and thus it is prone to flooding. And with basement flooding comes mold infestation, bad odors, and structural problems.


The stagnant water in the gutters will form new debris which will invite mosquitos, insects and different kinds of pests that might also find their way into your house too.

Roof damage

If rainwater and snow can’t flow into and off the gutters, they will remain on the roof for longer causing damage. The extra weight will cause extra strain on the roof and some materials might become damaged or even collapse. Even it doesn’t come to that, frozen water may damage the shingles opening up the way for roof leaks.

Gutter damage

Gutters are designed to hold the weight of the water as it travels away from the home and not the weight of debris for a long time. Eventually, the existence of debris and stagnant water might cause gutter damage. Although some problems can be fixed, don’t rule out the possibility of collapsing should the gutters are old and too damaged. Not only will you need gutter replacement but someone might be put in harm’s way.

How often is gutter cleaning necessary?

Dirty gutters only lead to troubles and thus money loss. The most important thing is the high possibility of water damage, which will not only question the building’s integrity but also decrease the home’s value.

How often should you have the gutters cleaned? Well, if there are rain gutter guards, you can have them checked once a year – it depends on the screens and covers you have. If you don’t have covers, definitely once or twice a year.

Should you do it yourself or hire a gutter service contractor? The latter if you want the job done correctly and to avoid accidents. Nothing is easy when you have to climb the ladder. Don’t take chances.