Are Your Gutters Installed Flawlessly?

When it comes to your roof, its gutters, and the rain, it’s best to make this trio work well together or you’ll soon have some serious regrets. This might be a new construction in need of a brand-new gutter installation. Or it might be your old, beloved home with old, not so-beloved gutters, which must be replaced before they cause some serious structural problems to your building.

In either case, you need to be sure the new residential gutters are installed to perfection. The effects if they are not? Possible leaks. Roof damage. Siding and fascia damage. Mold. Basement flood. Foundation saturation. Are all these problems possible just because the gutters were not installed flawlessly, you ask? Don’t get too alarmed just yet. These are just potential problems. Potential repercussions. But highly likely that some of them will happen if the rain gutters are not installed right.


The gutters have a very important role to play. They channel rainwater away from the home through the downspouts. So, if the gutters are not installed correctly, this process is compromised and your problems begin. Of course, some of the above problems are also the result of damaged and dirty/clogged gutters. In other words, if you have a leak, it doesn’t necessarily mean the gutters are badly installed. It might also mean you neglected the gutter cleaning.

gutters_installationWhat is involved in the rain gutter installation?

What makes a rain gutter installation project difficult is that it involves many steps, many things. The way gutters perform doesn’t only depend on the way they are installed but also on their size, strength, quality. Whether the water will be channeled away from your roof and home easily, quickly, and without obstructions will also depend on the downspouts and how many of them are installed. So, let’s take a closer look.

What makes a gutter installation perfect?

•    Proper gutter type & size

When you assign this project to a gutter service company, the first thing they do is check the roof to determine which gutter system will be best for you. That’s the first step of the install project: finding the right gutters. It’s also fundamental. If you don’t choose or are not recommended the right gutter system, the gutters may not be able to address the challenge of diverting water repeatedly over a long period of time. No wonder finding a professional gutter service contractor is paramount.

The roof type, size, shape, and pitch determine the gutter size you need. You should also consider the intensity of rainfall in your location. If it rains heavily and often, a larger gutter size might be necessary.

•    Quality material

Not all gutters are the same. The gutter materials vary and some, like copper, are more expensive but long-lasting and very durable too. In any case, your choice is also subject to the climate. It is also subject to whether you plan to spend many more years in this house or not. The advice of a pro contractor as for the quality and material of the gutter replacement will be useful.

•    Sufficient number of downspouts

The installation of the right type & size rain gutters is successful when there are enough downspouts, too. Gutters and downspouts go hand in hand. You may have the best gutters on the market but if you don’t install enough downspouts, rainwater will overflow straining the gutters and causing damage.

•    Proper gutter placement

Naturally, the actual rain gutter installation includes much more than putting some nails here and there. And the installation varies depending on whether or not you get seamless gutters.

One of the most important things when it comes to gutter installation jobs and may we add, one common mistake when it comes to DIY gutter installations is angling the gutters correctly. The gutters must have the right pitch so that the water will effortlessly flow into the downspouts.

And then, not all roofs are the same. But the gutters must be installed at the exact right place so that the water falling onto the roof will land in them and then to the downspout. The way gutters are fastened and positioned influences dramatically their performance. Flawless gutter installation is a must but so hard to achieve. It’s very important that you find the best possible pro for the job.